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One owner had not paid the service charge and had built up significant arrears. Following prolonged communication two payments have been received totalling €3,100. Discussions continue to recover the remaining debt. 

Controversy- Penthouse Terrace Roofs

The owner of apartment 134 constructed a solid roof over the penthouse terrace. Then owner of apartment 135 consructed a similar roof of different design. Then the owner of apartment 233 constructed a roof. They have all been contacted to say such constructions have been made without authorisation (permission) as required by the Altamira Statutes. Response from owner of apartment 135 seeks retrospective permission. A responses from lawyers on behalf of apartment 233 agrees the construction was done without the necessary permission and now also seeks retrospective permission. As to date there has been no response from owner of apartment 134

New Owners

Approximentally 6 apartments (10%) have been sold in the last 12 months. Where known new owners have been left a 'welcome letter' from the President. This letter asks for contact details should the owner wish to provide and directs new owners to the ALTAMIRA WEBSITE and in particular to the Altamira Statutes.

Painting Completed Oct. 2017

The painting was completed in October. The work was overseen as carefully as possible. There is some confidence that the qualty of the preparation, quality of paint and quality of painting is good. Owners have provided very positive comments. Altamira again looks first class.

Sewerage Costs reduced from November 2017

Altamira sewerage costs are based on an estimation of the water a fully occupied community of 56 apartments such as Altamira might use. Altamira did not have a meter to accurately measure the water on which the charges are made. Recently we have completed a significant project so we have divided our water between domestic use and irrigation use (no sewerage charge). The same meter is in use so from now the sewerage company will receive actual readings. The transition may not be smooth but reduced costs will soon repay the cost of the project.

Review of Electricity Usage Sept. 2017

The Community has 9 electricity meters. These supply each portal and garage. The consumption and contract for every meter was reviewed. For the period under review the consumption for portal 6 was a little higher than the others. The consumption for portal 3 is about 10 x more than the other portals because it also measures the consumption of all the garden lights, the pool room and circtulation pumps. No opportunity was found for further reducing costs. In short all the contracts were reviewed with little evidence they could be improved. It was never the less a good thing to do.

Please note the metering does not allow separation of Community Electricity usage so it can accurately be applied in our accounts to Block 1 and Block 2. Equally many other charges cannot be separated accurately. Presently your Community Service Charge is calculated separately depending on whether your apartment is in Block 1 or Block 2. In light of this information the Altamira Board will review the situation and recommend a solution that is fair to all.

Garbage in the Portals

Please respect the Community and particularly your neighbours. There are some rules in the Altamira Statutes that should not need to be restated. For good reasons including safety it is not permitted to place anything in the common areas without permission. This includes the stairs and landings of the portals which should be left clear. They are a common area. Please keep children's toys (including pool inflatables) and all other personal possessions within your apartment.

In particular there is a specific rule that does not permit garbage to be left outside your apartment. Your garbage should be kept inside your apartment and then be taken directly to the municipal basura bins on the street.


The South and West facing facades of both blocks will have some limited repainting later this year. The other facades are in excellent condition and it is expected the proposed work will extend the period until full repainting of both buildings is required. Please note this is not a complete repainting and does not include the terraces, etc.
The work is expected to take place in September - October 2017 and will cause disruption to all owners at some point. Repairing the cracks and damaged render and subsequent painting will be achieved with access from the roof with ropes and harnesses so disruption to individual apartments is not likely to last more than a day or two.
It has been agreed with the contractor that the work will begin between 15 - 20 September and may last 3 - 4 weeks. The timing may be adjusted as it depends on variables such as the weather.

Sewerage Costs

Water for Altamira is supplied by Aguas Rio Real. Separately the Community must pay a sewerage charge to the municipal water company Acosol. Altamira has been disputing the basis for this charge which is based on an estimate of the amount of water being discharged to the sewer and that used to irrigate the garden (not subject to sewer charge). To avoid the estimated charge we are examining a proposal to separate and meter the garden irrigation supply. Possible savings are approximately €2,000 per year.

Please Remember

Two items in particular were subject to discussion at the last AGM:

1. Please remember you are not permitted to make any changes that alter the external appearance of the building. This applies to awnings, roofing the penthouse terraces, glass curtains, etc. Please contact us if you wish to make any changes otherwise you may be required to reverse them.

2. Please be courteous and do not park in spaces belonging to other owners without their permission.


In June an apartment in block 2 suffered a robbery. The thieves cut the fence near the antenna house.

Community Electricity Costs

There are consultants who claim to offer savings by renegotiating the electricity contract. Altamira has taken a cautious approach to these offers. A number of communities did take up this service and later this year we will discover if there are indeed savings to be made.

Garden Review

A review of the garden has taken place. There is much to be pleased about. The review has identified some things that can be improved and some areas where costs can be reduced. Should you like more information please contact us.

Building Work

Some minor work has been completed. An area adjacent to portals 1,3 and 4 is due to be removed and replaced to allow waterproofing of the rooms below. This may cause some disurbance for 4 - 5 days. We anticipate the work will take place in August - September 2017. Should this cause you concern please contact us and we will try and provide more exact dates when these are known?

Apartment Water Valve

The water meter for your apartment is in a cupboard next to the portal door. Each apartment has an emergency water shut off valve. Some of these were found to be corroded. They have now been maintained or replaced and all now work properly.

AGM 19 May 2017

A minute of the meeting has been published.A copy can be found here.

The accounts for 2016 were approved. The budget for 2017 with an increase of 1.5% was approved. The following were elected: Gareth Davies (President), Les McGlasson (Vice President). Board Members: Torben Roessberg, John Flannagan, John Mansefield, Richard Reynolds.

Owners were reminded not to use parking spaces other than their own without permission

Owners were reminded not to make any alterations to the external appearance of the building without permission. Examples include glass curtains, glass roof to pergolas.

Pool Rennovation

The swimming pool underwent a major rennovation last year. It now complies with the latest regulations and having resolved some early teething problems it is now fully functional and should give service for many years to come.

Sun Loungers

They say that when you have 20 experts in a room you risk having 20 different opinions. So it is when it comes to sun loungers. We hope to have made a selection so that new sun loungers can be in place for the summer season.

To help preserve their useful life it is planned to store the new sun loungers during the winter months. Some of the best of the old ones will be retained and recovered for use in the winter.

Water Penetration

An area over the top entrance from the garage to the pool area of block 2 was showing signs of water penetration. This is now resolved with new water proofing.

There has been some water penetration around two of the portals in bolock 2 into the store rooms below. The probable cause has been identified with works planned to resolve the situation.

Blocked Drain

A drain in the garage of block 1 became blocked last year causing damage to some of the parking spaces floor. These have now been repainted

Skills Survey

John Mansefield has led a survey of owners to help identify the expertise within the owners. Many thanks to those who responded. The information will be used apply the talents that have been identified to future issues.

External Painting

A recent review showed that the external painting remains in remarkably good condition for this stage in the painting cycle. Some of the wooden beams are looking tired and there is some staining of the external paint in some areas. This matter is being considered at present as part of the planned maintenance programme.


There are some reports of thefts in the Pueblo del Rio. We are not aware of any criminal activity in Altamira. Please maintain your vigilance and report anything unusual.

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These will be added on a periodic basis. To keep informed you may wish to visit this area regularly.

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