Rio Real

News 2016

Pool Rennovation

The swimming pool is perhaps the major communal asset of the Community. Both pools are much appreciated and much used. The pools have required maintenance on a number of occasions since they were first built.

The main pool had settled a little since it was built. Some tiles had become unfixed and some of the metal reinforcing in the concrete structure was carroding. The concrete surround was no longer fit for purpose and the width no longer complied with the latest regulations.

Following a tendering process a major rennovation was undertaken. The pools should now continue to provide pleasure for many years to come.

Water penetration

The upper passage from the garage of Block 2 to the pool showed signs of water leaking in from above. The problem area was excavated and the area made watertight.

Bird Problems

Some owners, particularly those of the penthouses, have had problems with pidgeons fouling the building. Specialists have been employed from time to deal with thid problem.

More recently the pidgeons have gone but there is a problem with hawks that perch on ledges and foul the building. This problem can be dealt with by applying spikes to the ledges making them less attractive to the birds.

The obvious areas have been dealt with but should you notice other problem areas please let us know.

Communal Lighting

There has been a programme over the last few years to replace older fittings with new LED power efficient lights. This continued throughout the year and is now being extended to the garages.

The publicly lit areas of the pool and pathways were formerly on a time clock. A light sensor has now been installed so the lights should come on as darkiness falls.


Two years ago it was announced that Marbella Council would take responsibility for the roads. The main Western access road to Rio Real was resurfaced.

It was understood the Marbella Council would likewise rennovate the other roads. The initial announcement was for the roads in the first year and the public paths/pavements in the second year. This again did not happen.

Marbella Council have been seen to regularly inspect and clean out the main drains so it does look as if this elememnt is in place.

Similarly the children's park was built and continues to be maintained by the Council.