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Altamira Owners

General Assembly of Owners

The Altamira Community belongs to the owners of the 56 apartments. The owners control what happens through the General Assembly of Owners which is a meeting held once a year.

These meetings hear the financial results of the previous year and set a budget for the coming year. Resolutions are voted on and the President and Board Members are elected for the coming year.

The Community is governed by 'The Horizontal Living Law' from which is taken the Altamira Statutes that provide the same law as a set of regulations.

Owners are encouraged to attend the General Assembly and where they are unable to attend their voice can be heard by someone else attending often the President).

Owner's Responsibilities

Owners responsibilities are set out in the Altamira Statutes. There are some things worth a special mention.

  • Please do not do anything that changes the appearance of your apartment from the outside before asking first, e.g. glass curtains, awnings
  • If you fit an awning please site it internal to the wooden beam
  • The Community is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the building. The planters of your apartment are your responsibility. You will be asked to pay if they leak and damage the building
  • Please do not park in other owners spaces
  • Please do not hang towels or laundry over your balconies
  • Who Do I Contact?

    Juan Antonio - Juan Antonio is your first point of contact should notice or have a problem with a minor maintenance issue. These might include a broken light, a portal door, a garage door, sun loungers, etc. He is very obliging and much loved so please try not to distract him frm his duties unescessarily. It is not appropriate for individual owners to instruct Juan Antonio to do things. He works under the guidance of the Board and in particular Les McGlasson.

    Board Members - if your issue is beyond simple maintenance, might require a decision, may involve expenditure or involve instructing work to be done, you should contact a Board Member. Examples might be a water leak or other building defect, Please remember that whilst Board Members are always willing to help they are all volunteers.

    President - should your issue not be resolved by the above or is obviously serious than you should contact the president. The President will usually involve The Board members and the Management Company SAGESA in helping to resolve your issue. Please remember the President is also a volunteer and is not there to to arbitrate in disputes between neighbours