Rio Real

Altamira Board

The President

The President is elected annually by the General Assembly of Owners and takes most of the powers to make decisions and generally oversee running of the Community. These powers can be taken by the Vice President should the President be absent or unavailable.

The Altamira Board

The Board is elected to advise and assist the President. In practice duties are usually shared and decisions are made by a consensus of all members. Two Board Members are amongst the few who are permanent residents of Altamira. Meetings of those available are held wherever possible although much of the business is done through virtual meetings and e-mail.


    The Garden Committee

    Torben Roessberg is the Board Member responsible for the garden. He is Chairman of The Garden Committee which is a sub-committee of the Altamira Board


    Altamira has a policy of zero tolerance to debtors. Two owners were in arrears with their Community Payments. Both were taken through legal proceedings in their different home countries. The debts are now being recovered.