Rio Real

Latest News 2019

Garden Success

It has been difficult to grow plants in some areas of the garden. Until now they die and are replaced every year. In an area above the pool we have imported new soil and used hydroscopic gel to retain moisture. With advice different plants have been used and with nitrogen fertiliser they are now flourishing. Having learned a valuable lesson this new strategy will be applied elsewhere. An example is at the Block 1 garage entrance. 2 years ago 20 new shrubs were planted. They died. 1 year ago 40 shrubs were planted. They again died. Hopefully next year there will be more success.


The palms were pruned early in 2019. They look tired again. Expert advice is that they were pruned too early in the season. The plan is to prune the palms in May - June 2020.

Water Softening Block 2

A sequence of repairs to the water softening system has been undertaken but unfortunately it has failed again. Quotations are being obtained for a more fundamental rennovation. Early indications are that the cost will be in the region of €2,000.

Inspection of Electrical Installations

A statutory inspection of the Community electrical installations took place some time ago. The report has recently surfaced. There are recommendations for the addition of some switches and the change of some wires to meet the new EU colour code. Quotations for the work will be obtained. The cost is not expected to be significant.

Four Seasons Hotel

The 'first stone' for the new hotel was laid in September 2018. Planning permission is granted and some construction licences are awaited. The €650 project will have 120 rooms, 6 - 7 restaurants and a large beach club. It was originally planned to be complete in 2022 but may well be delayed.

Penthouse Glass Roofs

As resolved at the General Meeting of 2018, the owners of the 3 roofs that had been erected without uathorisation were asked to remove them. At the General Meeting of 2019 it was resolved to take legal action against the three owners. They were subsequently sent a letter from the Community Lawyer intimating that formal legal action would commence. One owner has now removed the glass roof over the pergola. Formal legal action will continue against the remaining two owners.

Water Softening

One of the water softening units was temporarily out of action because of a pump failure. This has been fixed.


In addition to the usual pruning some remedial work is being undertaken to tidy up the roundabout.

Decorative Urns

One of the decorative urns on the top of the building has developed a defect. Instructions have been made to have this made safe and repaired.

Garage door Block 1

The door has been misbehaving for some time. The door and the electric motor are in good working order. Quotations will be obtained for replacing some of the sensors and control mechanism.

Portal Doors

Work was undertaken in September to ensure the portal doors all close automatically and that they do so without too much noise. This will considerably help security so owners and their guests are asked not to defeat the closing of doors by wedging them open.


It is some years since the Community's insurance was reviewed. An insurance broker has been asked review the present insurance policy and seek competetive quotations. The extent and quality of the cover are key considerations together with cost.

EGM 20 Sept. 2019

90% of owners were present or represented at the meeting. 81% of owners voted in favour of hte resolution to prohibit tourist rentals. 80% of owners voted in favour of the resolution to increase the Community charge by 20% for owners who have legally registered their apartment for rental with the tourist authority. The lawyer who represents Altamira was present at the meeting. He outlined the "next steps" and the sequence in which they should happen. There was some discussion about these matters with eventual agreement to follow the lawyers' advice. The owners who are known to advetise and rent their apartments will be contacted asking for their registration details. In the absence of a reply or an adequate reply they will be "denounced" to the Tourist Authority of the Junta of Andalucia. They then risk substantial fines. The agenda of the meeting can be found here. The minutes of the meeting together with an appendix explaining the legal situation can be found here.


New rubbish and recycling bins have been installed. At first they were repositioned at the bottom of the hill. Thanks to the intervention of one of our owners they were moved so as to remain reasonably accessible to both block 1 and 2.

Bus Service

It is understood that there are plans for a Rio Real bus service. No details are available at this time.

Portal Doors

Closing of the portal doors is an important security measure. Unfortunately the automatic door closers often cause the doors to slam. When they are adjusted the noise nuisance is solved but then they often do not close. This is a particular problem in Block 2 where an open door allows access direct from the street. Last year the matter was looked at in detail by a Board Member and following recommendations a door was adapted and had a different automatic closer and lock fitted. This demonstration project has been deemed a success. The door closes quietly and securely. It is planned that all portal doors will be similarly adapted by the Autumn of 2019.

Penthouse Glass Roofs

This matter is now being dealt with by the Community lawyer. The owners of the three glass roofs have all received letters and formal legal action will be initiated if they do not remove the roofs. It is thought that one of the three apartments might be for sale. As is now routine an official from the Ayuntamiento came to Altamira to undertake an external inspection. He noted the roof which was erected without planning permission and took photos for his report. The official said the roof was a problem and it seems likely that the owner could be in trouble and have difficulty in completing the sale.

Swimming Pool

Signs around the swimming pool were faded and needed to be replaced. The old signs prohibited many different activities and it was thought that this caused people to ignore them. The new signs concentrate on advising agaist the most important matters such as prohibiting glass bottles and containers. It is hoped that people will comply with these restrictions as they reflect the most obvious requirements and those activities most complained about. There are no new restricted activities. The elements on the new signs were all on the old signs.

EGM 20 Sept. 2019

It was agreed at the AGM in May that a small group of owners be formed to look at the problem caused by short term rentals. A recent change in the law allows the Community to prohibit "Apartment Tourist Rentals" Such a change requires a vote in favour of prohibition with a 60% majority or more. An EGM has been arranged for 20 Sept. 2019. The papers have been sent to all owners. If you have not received the papers please contact us.

AGM Highlights

2019 was a successful year. The President and Vice President would like to thank those who gave messages of support and appreciation after the meeting.The full draft of the minute of the meeting is here.
  • €9,700 underspent budget
  • salary inflation is 3%; Community Charge increase held at 1.3%
  • `
  • legal action to be taken against unauthorised penthouse roofs
  • plan for a vote to ban short term rentals

Forthcoming AGM - 17 May 2019

The documents for the meeting have been sent out. If you have not received them please contact SAGESA. They are also available here. Short term rentals are on the agenda - the latest news is that a new law was introduced allowing communities to ban such rentals. It was then revoked but has recently been reinstated. Penthouse glass roofs are also on the agenda. An expert report which supports the view that they are illegal, change the appearance of the building and adversely effect the building when it rains is available here.

Portals - Garage Entrances

At the start of 2019 the entrances from the portals to the garage are being refreshed and repainted. The utility rooms are also being rennovated.

Sun Shades

Some of the sunshades around the pool are broken and some are losing their "hair". They need to be replaced and this will take place early in the year so that they are in place for the sunny season.

Penthouse Glass Roofs

In accordance with the resolution passed at the last General Meeting the owners of the three glass roofs which were installed without permision have been asked to remove them. Following informal approaches the matter has been passed to the Community's Lawyer. An expert report strongly supports the Community position. Construction of the roofs would require both permission from the Community and the Town Hall - none of the permissions has been granted. The roofs change the appearance (aesthetics) of the building and change the way rain water is handled (function).


As a test 2 leaking terraces have been maintained by our staff by replacing faulty cement between the tiles followed by application of a special waterproof solution. For now this seems successful. 2 terraces have been identified with structural problems. The work to correct one of these will be undertaken in January. We only gave the neighbouring properties short notice but following representations delayed the work. We have learned from this and ask you note as below.

Rennovations disturb your neighbours

Are you planning rennovations - new tiles, new bathroom, new kitchen, new widows or glass curtains, etc. Where your plans will disturb your neighbours through noise, dust, workmen, obstruction in the garage etc. it is a sensible couertesy to inform your neighbours. With adequate notice they may wish to change or alter arrangements such as holidays. Advising neighbours is a common courtesy but it is in fact a responsibility and required by the Altamira Statutes.

Golf Rio Real

Those of you who go to Playa Rio Real (Trocadero) or play golf (4th green) will have noticed the concrete water tank which is painted green and has the Rio Real logo. The Golf Club applied some years ago to demolish the no longer used tank and create a beach club. Planning permission was granted last year. Work is now taking place to create an additional golf hole on the course. The fourth hole will then be used as part of a new development for a beach and golf club with additional parking.