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Latest News 2020

PGOU Submission

There is an opportunity to make the legal position of Altamira normal. A new PGOU is being developed and a submission has been made to those at the Town Hall who are preparing plan, by legal and architectural representatives on behalf of Altamira. The submission urges the classification of the residential plot 'Altamira' as consolidated urban land, its separation from URP-RR-5 sector and the amendment of 2 errors that appear that appear in the Plan "2 AV Information 01" about two conditions we consider non existent (Flood plain and Cordel from Benehavis to Ojen. The submission can be seen here


We welcome all opinions be they criticisms or expressions of appreciation Do not hesitate to contact us Contact Form

General Meeting

It is becoming increasingly obvious that we will not be able to hold a General Meeting in 2020. We are guided by SAGESA and the College of Administrators. There are two main problems. Firstly is the problem of holding any meeting safely and the second is ensuring a provision for adequate personal representation. The latter is a particular challenge for the multi-national ownership of Altamira.


Under the publications section of this website the accounts for 2019 and the budget for 2020 are made available. It is agreed that in addition to this website the President will send a "Newsletter" to all owners


During the pandemic the cleaner has taken on duties for disinfecting communal areas. This is in addition to the normal cleaning regime which will suffer accordingly

Pool Lights

A number of the pool lights became unserviceable. A decision was taken to replace them with rechargeable solar lights.


Your Garden Convenor has been as energetic as ever despite the restrictions. A significant improvement has been made on the road from the bottom of Block 1 to the top of Block 2. This has been guided by experience within the main garden to use retaining stones, additional substrate and plants that are proven to thrive in the difficult Altamira terrain.

Terraces & Planters

As a reminder terraces and planters are Community property but for exclusive use by the owners. Following extensive advice and in keeping with the Law Altamira has resolved that owners are responsible for maintenance of their terraces and planters.


Under the "Terraces Policy" the Community will take responsiblity for structural defects of the building. The Community will not take responsibility for maintaining terraces and planters. This remains the responsibility of owners


Most recently responsibility for repairs was disputed and as required by an agreed policy an expert report was requested. In the first instance the owner is required to put good the significant maintenance requirements.


Please be aware it is your responsibility to keep the cement grouting between your tiles and marble on the terrace in good order. You need to ensure the silicone sealing around the edges is renewed and functional. You should apply a suitable waterproof coating. The water proof lining of your planters needs to be maintained. Damage to the building by your planters that are leaking will be charged to you. The original expectation of the waterproofing installed by the builder is reaching the end of its’ useful life. If you have not already done so it is highly recommended that you consider replacing the lining. Juan Antonio will be pleased to advise.

Tourist rentals

Following the resolution of the EGM no owners in the future are allowed to apply for a VFT Licence to rent their apartment. The 2 apartments in Altamira with VFT Licences prior to the resolution cannot be prohibited but a 20% surcharge on the Community charge can be applied. The Community has suffered from problems caused by both apartment 205 and apartment 133. The 20% surcharge has been applied to both apartments. Apartment 205 has a licence for a maximum of 4 guests. The advertisement on Air BnB is for 6 guests. The owner has been asked to amend this.


Despite the low occupancy there was a much increased number of complaints about dogs. These related to the noise problem of dogs, owners allowing them to roam free within the community and fouling the community gardens. Owners were written to and reminded of their responsibilities. The Altamira Statutes say “The circulation of pets not accompanied by their owners or responsible person is prohibited. Dogs shall always be on a leash, and the owner shall remove any mess caused by their pet”. Please also note pets are prohibited in the pool area.

Closure of Communal Areas

Following clear advice from SAGESA the pool and garden areas have been closed. There was hope that the advice would change as Marbella started phase 1 of lifting general restrictions on May 11th. The Ministry of Health has advised that Malaga will not now move to phase 1 until a later date.


A plan for easing of the Covid 19 restrictions (De-escalation) has been published. There will be 4 phases of de-escalation over a period of 4 weeks. A copy of the plan can be found here

2020 AGM Cancelled

In March it was decided to postpone the AGM and set a later date. After further discussion between the Board and SAGESA it has been decided to cancel the meeting. This is very unusual but seems the sensible approach given the exceptional circumstances.

Inspection of Community Electrical Systems

The work recommended by the inspection is now largely complete. In addition to the minor issues identified the emergency lighting in the garages and portals required to be updated. This was more complex than it appeared at first with complete replacement costed at €4,000. We are fortunate that our local staff were able to complete the upgrade for less than €1,000. A similar inspection of the Pueblo del Rio has resulted in them being asked to update the earth (terra) wires of the street lights. It is expected that Altamira will require to do the same. The street lights are a shared responsibility between Pueblo del Rio and Altamira. Discussions will take place so we can have a co-operative approach.

Penthouse Unauthorised Pergola Roofs

All 3 of these roofs have now been removed. Owners who continue to want to install a roof will be asked to come forward with a single design. A proposal will be put to the next General Meeting where all owners will have an opportunity to vote. In accordance with the Altamira Statutes the proposal will either be agreed or rejected by a majority vote.

Water Softening Block 2

Major elements of the system have been now been replaced. The system is now working again with an expectation this will continue well into the future.


A small number of terraces had been identified as causing problems due to structural defects. Over the past two years work has taken place to correct the problem. It is hoped that the programme of rennovation will be completed this year.

Urban Planning

3 - 4 years ago a developer approached Altamira. There were plans for development beyond Block 2. The agenda was never very clear but there was a prospect that it might have a positive impact on the 'planning status' of Altamira and in particular Bloock 2. A meeting with the developer has been arranged to seek more information and clarification.An unapproved and revised version of the original planning permissions can be found here.


The possibility of installing a defibrillator, possibly in the common pool area, is being invstigated. Should you have any views on this or indeed any matter please Contact Us.

Social Event

In the past there were a number of social events such as an annual dinner and golf competition.There is a proposal to have a social event (perhaps drinks and canapes) at the time of the next AGM, around 20 May 2020.

Elevator Doors

The portals are being improved with repainting of the elevator doors during the winter.