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Something for Everyone

We have tried to put together some useful information. This is not intended to compete with the mass of information available on the internet but to try and add to this from the personal experiences of owners.

There are links to things you might want to see or do and some helpful information to improve your experience at Altamira. To this end we highlight on this page the main activity at Altamira - the Swimming Pool & Garden

Swimming Pool

Safety is always the first consideration. The newly refurbished swimming pool meets all the rules and regulations. The quality of the water is maintained by regular treatment and there is a monitoring schedule including laboratory analysis.

There are notices setting out a list of local regulations. Often these are ignored suggesting they are not realistic so they will be reviewed.

The following remain mandatory:

  • No glass bottles or containers are allowed
  • No dogs allowed
  • It is dangerous to dive in the shallow end

    Behaviour - please respect other users of the swimming pool and surroundings


    The staff work very hard to maintain the gardens and are very proud of their work. Congratulating their efforts is aleays appreciated.

    The Garden Committee oversee the work and welcome all opinions.